Thank you for mentoring on this year’s Mosaic Enterprise Challenge Competition.  Your experience and knowledge will greatly aid student understanding of business and entrepreneurship.  Below are the resources to help you deliver your mentoring sessions. 

Please click the left image to practice the TEST VERSION of The Business Game. Your scores will NOT BE RECORDED if you play through this link. To play the game for real in the competition, students must go through the link in the Online Game tab.


There have been reports of students attempting to 'continue' the game over several sessions. This is not possible and will result in a score of '0' being recorded. Please ensure students begin a NEW GAME every time, complete the game in ONE SITTING, and SAVE and EXIT at the end of play every time.



Please click the above image to download your mentor resource pack.



Please use the video above for instructions on how to facilitate the fishing game



Please click the above image to download your Ethical Business presentation.



Mentors, you can use this video in your mentoring sessions to improve students' understanding of how key business concepts relate to the business simulation game.


Use the video above in your first mentoring session with students so that they can see what they could win.



Students will have differing levels of understanding about business concepts, influenced by their age, as well as whether they are following a business studies course or not.  Therefore, it is important to try and include as many examples for them to relate to as possible.  The video clips below may build on your discussions but please also think of some examples from your own experiences.


This clip about market research explains why it is so important. Market research is the first area teams look at in order to choose which product they wish to produce and what is important to consumers when purchasing that product. Students should pay close attention to why the speakers value good market research so highly.


Economies of scale are about the size of a business and the volume of its production. The most relevant part of this video is the section from 1min 35sec - 2min 19sec (Hugh Pym, BBC Chief Economic Correspondent) as this relates to a company’s production lines and their ability to produce more with extra machinery. This is directly relevant to students when they are considering the best ways to increase output.


Margins, overheads, fixed-costs, outsourcing...this clip (click image above) is excellent for explaining to students the elements they ought to consider in order to maximise their profits and how these all fit together. When students eventually play the game and are considering their sales strategy, product quality and how much to spend on sales and marketing, they should do so with this video in mind.

If you have any queries regarding any aspect of the Enterprise Challenge please send these to or contact the Mosaic Team on 02038289620.